Maximum Mural

Like true craftsmen, we let our work speak for itself.

Building off of the strength and precision attributes of MAXIMUM products, we decided to create a piece of industrial art that would be worthy of the tradesmens’ craft. Exclusively using MAXIMUM’s Precision Point drill bits, we drilled 10,795 holes into a sheet of ¼ inch cold rolled steel to create the “MAXIMUM MURAL.”  The mural and the making of acted as the focal point for the campaign.

Max Mural _1
Max Mural _3
Max Mural _5

Executive Creative Director: Joshua Stein
Creative Director: Benjamin Playford
Copywriter: Simon Rogers
Art Director: Jake Bundock
Designer: Norma Penner, Nick Bujnak
Director: TJ Derry
Studio M (Production)
HEAVY Industries (Fabrication)
I Love Dust (Mural Illustration)
Red Lab (Colour)